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Kathleen Dickson

Using iHireLegal was one of the better hiring experiences I've had. I put an ad, simultaneously, in our area general-circulation newspaper and received two, not very good, candidate responses. My ad on iHireLegal, however, generated several good responses -- people who were matched to my firm based on their answers to my detailed questions. The associate we hired was one applicant we received through

Kathleen Dickson, Partner
Crowe, Deegan, Dickson & Benrubi

Sissie Barker

In my line of work, time is a premium. It is extremely satisfying to work with an organization that appreciates that concern and only forwards prospective candidates that fill the necessary requirements.

Sissie Barker
Law Offices of PBA

Nathan Pace

I have been hiring in the legal field for 13 years and have never found it so easy to sift through qualified applicants and match up our potential hires.

Nathan Pace
Mack & Pace, pc

Stephen Foreht

We were able to post a well categorized job listing. We received a number of well suited candidates, from which we were able to successfully offer a position to one of the people who responded.

Stephen Foreht
Foreht Last Landau & Katz, LLP

Jan Fuhr

Over the past few years I have had several times when I needed to find qualified legal candidates. I have tried a miriad of ways to find these individuals. Only came through every time. Thanks!

Jan Fuhr, President
Karsten Corporation

Nancy Dugan

I've hired two legal secretaries and one paralegal through your service and just wanted to say thank you. In all three instances I also advertised in the local paper, the responses from iHireLegal were much more qualified candidates who were focuses on our type of firm. Additionally, your service allowed me to pre-screen, rank, and view the candidates all at my convenience. I plan to now use your service exclusively. And to top it off, your pricing is significantly less than advertising in the newspapers. Thanks again.

Nancy Dugan, Legal Administrator
Center for Constitutional Litigation, P.C.

Steven Bolen

We were delighted with the services of in quickly locating a freelance paralegal to handle our overflow business. Moreover,'s screening services allowed us to choose the best candidates from consideration from the more than 25 which applied to our very specialized requirements. We were able to fill the position in two working days.

Steven Bolen, President
Walnut Justice Center

Rhonda F. Gelfman

We have done business with your company several times in the past regarding various staffing needs for our Law Firm. We specialize in Immigration Law, but find that we are also very often retained for family and civil matters. To date, we have been very satisfied with the responses received over the last year or two. In general, when posting an ad through your company, we have been able to receive a wide variety of applicants. Further to one particular past posting, we were able to find the right person to fill a position which was desperatly needed at the time. Consequently once again, we would be in need of your services as we are currently looking to fill in the position of an Immigration Attorney. Thanking you again for the wonderful work

Rhonda F. Gelfman, Esquire
Law Offices Of Rhonda F. Gelfman

Jan Fuhr

When seeking an entry level legal person, provided an individual with the right education and background that was hired on the spot. She started work the next day. Thanks, it works!

Jan Fuhr, President
Karsten Corporation

Frank Vigil

On behalf of a client in the biotech field last year, I found myself seeking a highly-specialized patent attorney. I conducted a search and came upon iHireLegal, so decided to give it a try. Responses came in soon after I had placed the advertising, always a big plus to me when working on a client's behalf. In the future, if I find myself again searching for someone with a good legal background (which in my case will be someone with additional background in a specialized area, such as healthcare or biotechnology), I will definitely give very serious consideration to using again! Thanks!

Frank Vigil, Owner
SW HealthCare Recruiters

Scott D. Bergthold

It is refreshing to see an alternative to the more expensive job boards -- and one that focuses on the legal profession, to boot! I found your site easy to navigate and well-maintained -- it made my search for a legal secretary easier that sifting through the irrelevant information on the "generic" job boards. Thanks!

Scott D. Bergthold, Principal
Law Office of Scott D. Bergthold, P.L.L.C.

Richard Hrebik

We have been using for employment advertising for about a year now. The price is exceptional, the unlimited information that can be included in stating requirements of the position and describing our firm is phenomenal. Better yet, the responses are often received within hours of placing an ad. The number of individuals seeking employment, across the country, that look to the internet is why we now use almost exclusively for all our attorney, paralegal and secretarial requirements in all our offices throughout Florida. We are really pleased with the ease and results of using your service. Keep up the good service, and we thank you.

Richard Hrebik
Walton, Lantaff, Schroeder & Carson

Laura Walsh

We received a response from a potential candidate within 24 hours that meets our exact needs.

Laura Walsh
Stephen L. Malove & Assciates, P.A.

Theresa McDermott

I have enjoyed utilizing iHireLegal. The process they have in place is very user friendly and has made the recruiting process easy for me.

Theresa McDermott
National Association for Home Care and Hospice

Susan Wilson

I received two responses within 24 hours. The first candidate seems right on target; have not reviewed the 2nd. I love having the ability (right from this site) to send an invitation for this candidate to call.

Susan Wilson
CCH Inc., a WoltersKluwer Company

Dennis Bjourkland

We were starting a new collection division at our firm for a particular client and had no previous involvement in that area. We needed two quick hires with substantial collection experience. The numerous resumes that quickly became available through your site immediately gave us the confirmation that we would be able to staff this assignment and have the appropriate people to carry it out. We were very pleased.

Dennis Bjourkland, Law Firm Office Manager
Finestone and Richter

Terry Bashor

I have been a legal recruiter for 15 years, but I was very unfamiliar with until earlier this year. I had decided to do more advertising on attorney recruiter Web sites and received a promotional offer from about the same time. I have been extremely pleased with both the quantity and quality of the candidates responding to my job listings. And the response format makes it easy to determine how closely the responders match the qualifications of my clients. As I go into the new year, I plan on continuing and, perhaps, increasing my relationship with

Terry Bashor, President
Legal Search Associates, Inc.

Marie Watson

Ihirelegal is the best legal job site for finding qualified candidates in the legal industry. Your site is the first option I use to locate a new hire.

Marie Watson
Wong Fleming, P.C.

Mike Wein

Overall we are very pleased with the quality and quantity of the responses to our ads on iHireLegal. We've used Monster, FindLaw and and haven't achieved the success we've achieved with iHire.

Mike Wein, Chairman
IMS ExpertServices

Nancy Dugan

iHireLegal makes it incredibly easy to post a job and do a significant amount of screening in just a few simple steps. We have a small but very busy office, so the ability to post so much information about our firm and ask questions of applicants via the internet rather than fielding applicants' calls is a real time saver.

Nancy Dugan
Association of Trial Lawyers of America

Robert Karoly

Our company was under great stress when all of the Wall Street corruption news hit the papers during the past six months. We were covered up with investor claims to recover their losses before that event but this was a title wave that we could not ride without help. We posted our Ihirelegal ad and the response was immediate and the volume unbelieveable. Within 30 days we had added sixteen additional law firms to our attorney network plus twelve para-legals to our arbitration specialist network. We also have a waiting list of over twenty. We are now nearly caught up with the processing of nearly a hundred open securities arbitration claims. To say that ihirelegal saved our firm from a huge backlash problems from disgruntled investors is only telling half the story. Thank you Ihirelegal. We will be back and will recommend you in the mean time.

Robert Karoly, CEO
Investor's Recovery Specialists, Inc.

Jacqui Barrett

I have used iHireLegal for the past several weeks, and it has broadened my reach into the legal community. As a sourcer for a recruiter in the Greater Kansas City area I was glad to have another, targeted source of candidates for legal secretary and paralegal positions. Thank you.

Jacqui Barrett, Sourcer
MajorWestcott Group, LLC

Sal Munoz

Within a short time of posting my job on your site, I began receiving a variety of good candidates for a legal cyber secretary. I ended up with several candidates who were a good fit and had to turn some away. It works.

Sal Munoz
Law Office of J. Sal Munoz

Sheila Poulin

I am very pleased with the way the website job posting section is set up. It allows the employer to list each requirement of the position separately, which then requires an applicant to explain why they feel they meet the requirement.

Sheila Poulin
Duke Clinical Research Institute

Chuck Kronzek

Your web site found me a well qualified legal assistant in only two weeks.

Chuck Kronzek, Partner
Kronzek & Cronkright P.L.L.C.