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"I was recently hired in a JD advantage position and appreciate the help your online resources provided me. The resume writing program from your site helped adjust my resume to what my employer was looking for in a candidate. "

Ryan W.

Orange, CA
"I received many search results."

Jackie R.

"Thank you so much for the free resume distribution service! I have already landed an interview AND IT HASN'T EVEN BEEN 24 HOURS since I signed up for your offer! WOW! I have NEVER received such a rapid response! Rest assured, your site will be THE ONE I recommend not only to jobseekers, but also to employers. Again, thanks VERY much!"

Michelle M.

Sacramento, CA
"I can't believe how easy it was to go through the process of your application. It was a breeze and thank you very much for your help. "

Elizabeth M.

New Port Richey, FL
"I got an offer from the very first job I applied to, thanks to iHireLegal's algorithm that sifts through jobs to present the best possible ones for you based on your resume. Worth every penny."

Christopher B.

Stone Mountain, GA
"I got hired. Thanks for everything, I do appreciate the resources your website provided me in my job search."

Ryan W.

Orange, CA
"IHire gave me the leading edge in a very competitive job market!"

Michael C.

Hialeah, FL
"In my search, iHire's services posted a "will train" Legal Assistant position for which I applied. I was ultimately hired for this position. Unfortunately, within a few months, the attorney's business interests changed, preempting his ability to maintain my position. Today, I continue to again seek employment in the legal field with the same determination. Hopefully, iHire may again be instrumental in helping me meet my goal."

Rick S.

Boca Raton, FL
"It kept me motivated and uplifted during the hardest times when I was looking for a job."

Anita B.

Granada Hills, CA
"iHireLegal gave me some great leads which led to interviews. I truly appreciate the service!"

Danielle T.

Silver Spring, MD
"I received many quick and informed positions that applied to my experience and my resume.Thank you."

Newark, NJ
"IHire Legal helped me update my resume to be more relevant and fresh. I truly appreciate your suggestions!!! Thanks much!!"

Debbie N.

Carrollton, TX
"I am very pleased for your site and will recommend you to colleagues and friends seeking career changes. You offer several services that make our searches more gratifying and fruitful. Again, thanks."

Sonia B.

New York, NY
"I registered with iHireLegal and within two days I got a call that led to my present job. I had been using the "bigger" job searches such as Monster and Careerbuilder for weeks, but iHireLegal produced noticeable results within a few days. I started getting calls from various local offices that wanted me to fax them my resume within one day of registering with iHireLegal! I've never seen such an effective job-searching/job-matching website as iHireLegal!"

Kenneth B.

Oakland, CA
"Kept me informed of other jobs in the area."

Rhonda B.

Myrtle Beach, SC
"I think iHireLegal posts more jobs in my area of work (paralegal) than any other website I've used. The job descriptions are detailed which I found helpful. I now have a job I love and will not hesitate to use iHireLegal again in the future. "

Jeanne H.

Kennett Square, PA
"I registered as a paralegal, and within 24 hours had a response."

George W B.

Pawleys Island, SC
"From the moment I began my membership with you I started receiving an awesome flow of available jobs. The job I found was because of your company. "

Gayle C.

Tierra Verde, FL
"Was very helpful in keeping me updated on what jobs were available in my area. Thank you. "

Raymonda P.

Lombard, IL
" I did receive calls from various employers, mainly from the (714 area code) Santa Ana, California. I interviewed at two law firms yesterday. Even though it's a distance from where I live they were still interested in my qualifications and everyone nowadays uses carpool services. As the saying goes "where there is a will, there is a way" and I need to work."

Virginia R.

Alta Loma, CA
"I find to be a very helpful and useful tool in searching for employment. It is very helpful in that it quickly and efficiently assists the candidate in locating available positions. I have not yet found the appropriate employment for me on this site, but it has assisted me in locating open positions."

Jeffrey W.

Tustin, CA
"This site stood out when I was looking for a paralegal job. It was clear, had what I wanted, and seemed to be covering all bases."

Adrienne K.

Tallahassee, FL
"This service was definitely helpful. Since the "Cover Letter Faxing Service," I have been getting calls daily for job offers. Thank you, once again."

Tamsin H.

Rosedale, NY
"Your service is awesome. Not only am I still receiving requests for interviews (there have been 15 in all), but have accepted a job offer from a company that has been perfectly suited for me. Thanks so much! "

Stefanie B.

Corinth, TX
"Thank you for all the valuable information provided by your site....."

Charlene O.

Miami, FL
"I wanted to say thank you very much for your continued diligence. Each time you refresh my resume you show me my growth and I appreciate that. In fact, I just interviewed with a very reputable firm and was told that my resume was very impressive. I have been considered a good candidate and got the job! I appreciate all your efforts and rave about iHire's resume writing service quite often."

Tanisha G.

"My friend recommended I try iHire for my most recent job search. My initial thought was, “Okay, this is just going to be another online job site.” My experience was quite the opposite. These are a few of the reasons iHire became my go-to site and, eventually, the only site, I used: • Job hunting is a full-time job in itself. iHire streamlined the process by pulling job listings from multiple sites. I only had to look in one place. • iScore, their resume matching tool, was easy to use and recommended simple edits that were very effective. • The webinars in their Career Advice section were the best, bar none. There was one in particular that was by far the most helpful tool I have used on any site, and that was a recorded session with an HR Director. In this session, the interview process and questions were broken down from the interviewer’s side. Getting insight on what people are really looking for when they ask questions like “Where do you see yourself in five years?” or the dreaded “Tell me about yourself” was priceless. I am certain that watching this webinar got me past many HR screening calls and into interviews. All in all, I highly recommend iHire. Should I need or decide to do more job hunting in the future, iHire will be my go-to site. "

Grace H.

Denver, CO
"I HireLegal aided me in being able to assess possible job opportunities in my legal market. "

San Francisco, CA
"iHire provided me with job leads and good advice."

Anna S.

Apache Junction, AZ
"I got an interview after applying to a job on iHireLegal. Found my dream job and it is in Sleepy Hollow. "

David P.

Katonah, NY